* Mountings are sold by weight. Weights are approximate for 14K.
  All styles are available in Platinum, 10K, 14K, 18K Plum Gold and
  also in White Gold.

* A nonrefundable deposit is required for Platinum orders only.

* All of our merchandise is copyrighted, trademarked and registered.
  Items may be discontinued without prior notice.

* We reserve the right to correct any errors in the catalog and are
  not responsible for typographical errors.

* Customers are responsible for all shipping charges on returns.
  Credit will be given for merchandise only.

* We subscribe to the JBT Accounts Receivable Interchange Program.
  Customer payment history is reported to JBT.

* After purchasing the merchandise , all sizing and repairs will be done
  in 2 weeks and is subject to a labor charge.

* We offer complete setting and polishing services.

* All our merchandise is proudly made in the USA by PRONTO.

* We offer highly competitive prices to volume buyers.

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